Posted by: richemery | May 29, 2008

What’s Happening to Us!?!?

As most of you know I use Victoria’s public transit all the time.  One thing that always gets my attention is when people are sitting one to a seat and not allowing anyone else to sit, also when people sit in the front seats that are reserved for people with disability.  More often then not you will see people arguing with a young mother with her baby in a stroller because there is some person trying to make a point that the mother is not disabled.  Did the baby walk onto the bus by its self?

What are you doing to stop this form happening?  How can I make a difference? Unfortunately we can’t make people change,  we should do what we can and be the better person.  Just get up and allow that elderly person have your seat, put your backpack on your lap or at your feet.  Just have the respect for other people that you would want them to have for you.  
These kind of things are not just happening on my bus.  Look around when you are going to school, work, where ever.  Be patient, allow someone to cross the street, hold the door open when going to the mall.  It’s all really simple just have some common courtesy on everyone you see

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