Posted by: richemery | May 30, 2008

New Milestones

For everyone that has really enjoyed going to the Milestones Restaurant here in Victoria.  Since there reopening after there renovations in the late spring there service has really gone to the crapper.

When we first got to the hostess desk they were pretty quick and we were seated within 5 minuets.  Once we were all seated the rest of the service truly sucked.  It took about 45-50 minuets for the server to come and take our drink order and because she took so long she also took our dinner order.  About 15 minuets after our order our drinks (3 iced teas and a water) arrived at our table.  Now for the good part.  Our dinners (3 burgers and 1 pasta) didn’t arrive at our table for another 45-50 minuets after our drinks arrived, so just over an hour after we ordered.  Now that the food has finally got to our table noting was hot one of the burger buns was soggy.  Once we had the manager called all they would do if take 20% off the bill which was about $3.50 off each dinner.  Needless to say I will not recommend Milestones to any of my clients again.
I guess we will stick with Rick’s Grill when we want to go out for a nice dinner and John’s Place for a great burger.

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