Posted by: richemery | May 30, 2008


Why do we always think we are so much stronger then the sun?  We sit outside at the beach, Starbucks, or a restaurant patio and try to fight the sun with our noses.  How smart do you need to be to know you are going to lose that battle EVERY time?

Yesterday my wife and I and some friends hung out on the Starbucks patio for about 6 hours just talking about life.  Then the clock hit about 5 pm or so.  We all decided that it was time for dinner so we went to Milestones (see my next post to learn about the great services) for dinner and yes we sat out on their patio for dinner in the sun.  By the time we left form dinner we all have spent a good full 8 hours in the direct sunlight so needless to say 3 of us went home with looking like freshly cook lobsters.
Just Because I can, here is some of that useless information that I like to look up.
~the sun’s mass is 2 x 10(to the 27 power) tones
~about 75% of the sun is hydrogen and the rest is mostly helium
~gravity holds the sun together
~the weight of the outer layers of the sun causes the density of temperature to increase towards the center to about 15 000 000 degrees celsius

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