Posted by: richemery | June 4, 2008

Blog Stalking

I was stalking around Pastor Scott’s blog Souljourn, and i went to some of the blogs he has links to and found a great post form Ben Arment’s blog History in the Making

What You “Complain About is Your Calling to Fix

I’m gonna go on a little tirade here… leadership is paying attention to your complaints and then doing something about it. I read a blog post over the weekend by someone complaining about others not taking action on something he could dohimself. You don’t get a license to act like a leader by passing acivil service test or by being knighted by John Maxwell. You become a leader by acting on your complaints.

Whiteboard was a solution to my complaint about multi-day, long-session conferences away from my family. So what’s your complaint? If you can put your finger on it, that’s your calling. Maybe nobody else can see the problem because God wants youto do something about it. Quit waiting on other people. In the words Ben Stiller in Starsky & Hutch, “Doh it.” Okay, I’m done.”

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