Posted by: richemery | June 4, 2008


This morning God put the act of Serving on my heart.  I don’t know why he put it there but I am most defiantly going to pray about it.  Until I know why He put it on my heart I figured I would post something about serving in my life and how it changes who we are as people of this world.

Serving the church body is something I could not live without.  I say this because if I did not start to serve right away, after giving my life into the Lord’s hands, I would not be a part of the church anymore.  My reasoning is that being able to serve gave me a spot to belong weather it was going to be helping set up chairs for church, preparing a stage for youth ministries or helping the children in Sunday school find the scripture in their bible.  Then after going through Pacific Master’s Commission serving changed for me.  The change was for the better to be thrown into a ministry that I never thought I could of and significant help, and found out that just being willing to serve is the only thing you need to know.  Sometimes you’re serving is giving an ear to listen to people tell their story, or maybe you will be asked to go into a dish pit or clean up after the soup kitchen is finished.
So Pretty much what I am saying is open up your heart and allow God to place you where you can make a difference by serving wherever you are


  1. Awesome post Rich and you do an fantastic job at serving. I was just talking to someone the other day about how great it is when you are up here for a visit and you just dive right in to serving. You set a great example of belonging and serving. Way to God. I am very proud of you and it is great to see how God continues to use you. Keep it up!

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