Posted by: richemery | June 30, 2008

RagamuffinTop Challenge

Time to check in. My eating sucked this week, because it being the last busy week at work there was not too much time to eat well i would only eat one meal a day and it would be too big and the food would not be very good. it would be burgers or fried food.
How many times did i get out running this week
3 times. but the 3rd time it was so hot out that i was only able to go 2.5 km and my right calf and shin was really quite sore

time to weigh in
Last week 241.2
this week 242.4
so i am up 1.2 pounds
does anyone have any good resources on healthy eating?


  1. Hi Rich,
    Here’s what I’ve done with the eating side. I usually have some trail mix with me. I also keep an apple and/or orange in the drawer of my desk. This seems to help me keep the hunger in check in between meals. I’ve found that when I don’t do this, I tend to eat too much or eat junk. Take the time to pack some snacky stuff as well as a good lunch. Oh – and always start with some breakfast! I used some of the info from this site to get me going a few months back.

    I also have been blogging again.

    Keep up the good work!

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