Posted by: richemery | July 12, 2008

Week in Courtenay

It’s always a tone of fun when I get the chance to go up to Courtenay so spend some time with friends and help out with student ministries. This week was one of those weeks it was totally awesome!

When I got into town after my beautifully long train ride I was met by one of the coolest people that I know Jason Eliason (find his blog here) and along side him was the new kids pastor, Matt Delblanc (find his blog here). Once they had picked me up we went for lunch at Safeway, if you wondering you can get great pannines and subs there. We made our way back to the church so Jason and Matt could go back work while I just hung out distracting the rest of the office staff and interns. Then off to Jason and Kelsey’s (find her blog here) house for dinner and sleep.
The second day of my time up in Courtenay was great as well! To start the day off I went to the gym with Jay and Kels it was fun and was also my first time going to a gym to workout, thanks for the inspiration you guys rock! After that we got some breakfast and went to the church for 9 am. A little while after we got to the church Pastor Scott (find his blog here) took me out for coffee and we had a meeting about how my life is going how the family is what my plans for the future are, thanks for a great meeting Pastor Scott. After lunch I got to join Shift for one of their summer events and go mini golfing it was so much fun. My team was Alana a super cool young girl and it was her first day ever going to Shift, Campbell a funny guy who you just cant help but laugh when he or his brother are anywhere near you, and the one and only Breanne an ex Master’s student. Thanks for letting my help with the mini golf!
Day three, the main reason I went up to Courtenay in the first place. Today is the day that we have been waiting for. My beautiful wife went in for her ultrasound in the morning and by lunch time all of us in the church office were looking at a few of the first pictures of our new baby boy or girl, too bad I was not in Victoria to go with her. Also today is Noise Level, the first annual concert in the park put on by the Northgate Youth and Comox Pentecostal Youth. Thanks Jason and Mike! I was there to help out with this killer event. Pastor Corey and I looked after the entire audio portion of the concert from the set up to the mixing and the final strike. Pastor Corey worked the monitor mix as I did the front of house mix, thanks for the help Pastor Corey we couldn’t of done it without you. The concert went great! The first band up was Dialect 9 form the Comox Valley, great musicians with a unique sound. The second band was My Broken Hero form Port Albernie, another great band with some really fun lively stage presence Great Job to both bands. And finally to all the volunteers that helped put on the show Awesome job!!!

Day four, my last full day in Courtenay for this trip. Today holds one of the most unique events I have ever taken part in. Ice Blocking if you don’t know what that is you urge you to take a look at Kelsey Eliason’s Blog she posted a couple links to videos that will show you what ice blocking is all about. If you ever get the chance you should do it you will laugh cry and get a wet bum and it is totally worth it. This evening we went out to Pastor Scott and Naomi’s camp for a barbeque it was a great time hanging around the fire.

And finally today we got to the church for 9 am I said my byes went to lunch with Jason and Pastor Matt, and now I am on the train back to Victoria



  1. It was great getting to meet you Rich! See you September!

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