Posted by: richemery | August 11, 2008


At different time over the past couple weeks have had people asking me about photography.  But first things first I am not a pro I just like to take pictures.  So see below for some great resources for learning how to use your camera how to compose a picture and some great inspiration to create some great pictures.  

Michael’s Photography School – a great place to start, some great videos to describe different photography terms like aperture, exposer, ASA ISO.  Also he will some composition skills.  all form amateur to professional 
PhotoWalkPro – a great blog all about photography and as a side note of this site check out the Worldwide Photo Walk and if your city is not there add it and become and lead your own photo walk
Joe McNally’s Blog – a great place to know what a real pro goes through with is traveling around the world shooting for people like National Geographic, New York Times, Nikon, Sports Illustrated, and thats just to name a few.  I also recommend watching some of his videos on youtube here
Strobist – for everything in flash and extra light gadgets for you camera
well thats my list i hope it helps you to get more involved with your camera and keep shooting

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