Posted by: richemery | September 25, 2008

A time of Change

My life is changing really really fast! With my new job at Northgate Foursquare I am always being challenged in a new way, not just with technical stuff like creating videos and graphics.  I am being challenged in keeping up with my devotions and keeping a reading plan outside of my devotions.  I am also challenged with my emotions keeping them in line and not get angry or upset when I am receiving criticism.  Also God is really teaching me patients.  I know this because right now we are trying to buy a place and somethings are going through really fast but others are really wanting to take there sweet time. (please be in prayer that Amy and I will have a place to live sooner then later)

To add to the life change Amy and I are having a baby as you know.  It is really exciting and also a little scary.  When I think about it I am always second guessing myself thinking that I might not be cut out to be a Dad, yet at the same time I am really looking forward to the baby coming because we are surrounded by some of the greatest people that in the world, with our church family and leadership as well as my real family with my grandparents and my Dad and Step-Mom in town.


  1. You are going to be an amazing dad. We all had our doubts and still do sometimes 🙂

  2. hey Rich, it is very evident of the progress you have made over the past few years, you have an amazing heart you are a servant and a leader. you will make a great dad!

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