Posted by: richemery | October 14, 2008


Everyone over 18 years old has the right to vote but as we watched CTV as the polls came in only 58% of the eligible population took the time to vote.  Why do we settle for this we should be proud to vote not conceder it a chore

I voted today and I am proud that I am able to exercise that right. I was close to be unable to vote in Courtenay but because I was living up here before the election was called on September 7 Naomi was able to vouch for me saying that I have been living with them. But unfortunately Amy could not vote because she was in Victoria when the election was called and she is really hoping that the riding does not come down to one vote because it could of been her vote.

With the City elections coming up I encourage all the people who read my blog to get out there and vote it can change the way you live and the future for you family an other loved ones

Vote its your right as a Canadian

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