Posted by: richemery | July 12, 2009

Great Weekend

This weekend was a blast! It all started after work on Friday when I met up with Thrive at the Yrjana Campout. There was 74 people playing games eating food and just straight up having fun. There was a mud pit (video to come some time this week) a great night game and some good discussion times to top it off.

Saturday afternoon was the 4th Annual Sunrise Farm’s Hay Bale Open. This was the fist time I have been a part of the Hay Bale Open and I will probably never forget it. Not only was I able to beat the 3 time reigning camp but I also did it with a hole in my foot after stepping on a rusty nail halfway through the 6th hole. Also another note worthy achievement is that my wife, Amy, also won for the women Congrats Honey!

That evening after the Hay Bale Open I dropped the family off at home and tried to go the a walk in clinic to get a tetanus shot but there were none open, so I had to go to the emergency room at St. Joseph’s Hospital. I had my shot with in 10 minutes of getting through the doors but then they said I needed to wait for a doctor to take a look at my foot to make sure that the nail didn’t hit a bone. So I ended up waiting in a chair down the emergency room hallway and a doctor came by and gave me 2 cloths, a starial sponge, some Chlorhexidien Gluconate, and a band-aid and said “clean your foot and put this on it. I am not going to see you the other doctor will”

The second doctor came after about 45 minutes moved my toes and said “…you will be fine have a good night.”

Today at church we were given a great opportunity to listen to Pastor Matt Delblanc preach on conflict resolution. It was a fantastic sermon if you missed it you should pickup a CD or a DVD or wait a week and a half and you can watch it at the Northgate site.


  1. Hi Rich. Hope this reaches you. I did the Courtenay walk last weekend. It was great BUT I keep getting ‘HTTP error’ when trying to upload my photos. Please help as I only have three days left. Thank you. Diane.

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