Posted by: richemery | September 8, 2009

Power Bar Turned upside down

When your couch pillows get a little messy, you flip them over. When the coffee table gets a little cluttered, you might stuff some of that junk beneath the surface on a lower shelf. Why shouldn’t we approach cord management the same way? Turn it upside down!

With the Power Bridge concept, designer Hyuk Jae Chang discovered that you get a much cleaner look if you just put the outlets on the bottom of the power strip. It’s even sleek enough to leave front-and-center on the desk.

Your stuff plugs in to the alligator-toothed underside of the Power Bridge, eliminating the octopus-of-cords look you get from most power strips. Instead, all wires come out one central spot, which you can turn to face any direction you’d like. A pivoting multi-directional power cord on the Bridge itself makes sure that no wire is left behind in the quest for perfection.

As a bonus, a light on top of the bridge above each outlet displays the amount of power being used by that device. A must-have gadget to the environmentally inclined!

[Via Yanko Design]



  1. Cool! and extremely functional!

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