Posted by: richemery | March 1, 2010

Design/Media Links

Here is a list of links that I find very useful as a video/graphic designer in a church setting.  The list contains everything form video podcasts to graphic inspiration and 2d and 3d work environments

Photoshop User TV
A trio of photoshop and lightroom experts that show tips tricks and techniques in every episode

Layers TV
Corey and RC give great tutorials on a mix of all the adobe products from illustrator to after effects and the the lesser known programs like soundbooth

Church Media Design TV
Brad Zimmerman is the host of a informative blog/podcast that covers all aspects of church media. He does reviews, interviews, tutorials and a fantastic inspiration segment

Greyscale Gorilla
If you are wanting to learn about AfterEffects and Cinema 4D then this is the place to be. Nick Campbell doesn’t claim to be an expert but what I have seen on his blog and through his different sites he is freaking awesome at what he does.

I like this site for general inspiration they show some great graphic that inspire me a lot when I am designing sermon series or announcements they are just beautiful stuff right here

These should keep you happy for the next little while be sure to look at the older posts on there sites to see more of there work .

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